Friday 08 September 2017

Hot News! Induction bending at Kersten

HOT NEWS: Induction bending at Kersten

After 55 years of experience in cold bending technology, Kersten is about to introduce a new bending technique to its scope: Induction Bending.

As a specialist in bending technology, Kersten manufactures curved components for various applications. Kersten has four production facilities in The Netherlands, Poland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Induction bending

Due to increasing demand for even heavier and stronger steel components, Kersten continuously invests in more bending and processing capacity. One of the latest investments is a custom made induction bending machine. This addition strongly benefits the offshore, oil&gas and petrochemical industry.

Induction bending takes over where cold bending techniques meet their limitations. “The combination of speed, local heat and cooling allows us to bend even bigger tubes, pipes and other sections to tighter radii than possible with cold bending techniques”, says Bartek Baudler, director at Kersten Poland. “From our Polish production facility we provide the European and Middle East market with induction bends”.



Materials suitable for induction bending include carbon steel, duplex, and special steels such as Inconel, S690, etc. Kersten is able to induction bend tubes and pipes up to Ø914mm x 50mm and sections up to 1,000mm.



The arrival of the induction bending machine requires extra production space. Construction of a new production hall is in full swing. The induction bending machine will be fully operational by Q1 2018.



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