Tuesday 18 July 2017

EiMa Machining centre

Kersten invests in EiMa machining centre for aluminium

As a specialist in bending technology it is important to manage the latest techniques. Kersten Europe continuously invests in know-how and machinery for bending and processing aluminium. Recent investments enable Kersten to produce complex curved products even more complete.

Aluminium bending and machining

Aluminium profiles play an important role in modern architecture and industrial design. It is relatively light, has great aesthetic features and has excellent formability. Kersten is specialised in bending and processing aluminium. The company produces curved profiles and ready-to-build-in products for a.o. facades, machinery, medical devices, transportation and conveyor systems.

EiMa 5-axis machining centre

Kersten Germany invests in an advanced machining centre to execute 3D mechanical processes even more precisely.  It concerns a tailor-made EiMa 5-axis machining centre which is specially developed to meet Kersten’s needs. The machine is capable of machining complex curved work pieces. It saws profiles up to Ø400cm and has a range of X= 3.000 mm, Y= 4.500 mm and Z= 1.250 mm.

Kersten chose to invest in an EiMa machining centre because of the many options and the good service. Technical manager Thorsten Kappel explains: “EiMa Machinenbau GmbH gave us the flexibility to design certain features of the machine to make it fit our specific needs. Processing curved profiles requires special know-how and advanced machinery. With the new machining centre we can offer our customers a total solution for bending and processing aluminium profiles”.

The machining centre will be ready form production in November.

Aluminium factory

Kerstens’ German production facility is fully dedicated to aluminium bending. Kersten Netherlands bends different metals. Kersten is currently building a 'nonferrous' aluminium factory in the Netherlands. The new factory will be operational this fall. It will be equipped with modern bending machines, a CNC machine for double miter sawing of curved profiles and an oven to age curved aluminium products from T4 to T6. 

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