Tuesday 26 January 2021

900T Handling System Pile Inserts

For an offshore wind project under construction Kersten produced two 900T Handling System Pile Inserts. These are used for lifting and leveling the jacket foundations and platforms. 

Hydraulic units with grippers are placed on the pile inserts for leveling. After the offshore jacket foundation has been sunk on the seabed, the Handling System is used to level the jacket. When the foundation is completely levelled the jacket foundation is fixed and secured on the seabed and the lifting tools can be disconnected.

Kersten manufactured two 900T Handling System Pile Inserts and delivered them ready for installation to the customer. Kersten’s scope included engineering, procurement, construction and coating of the pile inserts.

The 900T Handling System Pile Inserts have a length of over 8.5 meters and a diameter of 2.35 meters. Total width is 5.4 meters.

Rings Pre-Piling Template

Kersten also manufactured the rings for the Pre-Piling Template consisting of a curved HEB-650 to which a halved tube Ø668 x 38mm has been welded. This construction is used to accurately place the piles at sea.

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