Friday 01 September 2017

20 years Kersten Europe GmbH

Twenty years ago on September 1st 1997, Kersten Wanssum BV took over Späth Biegetechnik in Steißlingen.
The 40 employees of the aluminium bending company Späth could breathe a sigh of relief after more than four years of uncertainty. The company Späth, which had registered for bankruptcy, had been sold to Kersten Wanssum BV, one of the world's largest metal profile and plate bending companies.

A lot has changed in twenty years. Today, Kersten Europe GmbH in Steißlingen is one of Europes' leading aluminum bending companies with a lot of recognition in its market segment. The Kersten Group has production facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. There are currently 65 employees in Steißlingen. Kersten constantly develops by investing in employees, training and machinery.

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