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When conventional bending methods reach their limits, induction bending offers a solution. By heating the profile locally prior to the bending process, even larger or smaller radii can be achieved than with cold bending methods.

This advanced bending technology also ensures that the profile cross section is hardly deformed and the surface remains in optimal condition.

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Induction bending by Kersten

  • Bending tubes and pipes up to Ø 1,016mm
  • Radius 2.5xD to ∞xD (no radius limitation)
  • Bending, cutting to size including welding preparations
  • Curved lengths up to 10,000mm


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Dariusz Pasiński

Specialist induction bending

M. +48 604 176 481

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Induction bending of pipes and construction profiles

Induction bending is a very efficient and accurate bending technique in which pipes and profiles are bent by means of heating.

Due to the combination of speed, local heating and cooling, even larger profiles can be bent in smaller and larger radii than is possible with cold bending techniques.

Virtually any type of profile can be bent with induction bending technology. These bent parts are used worldwide in offshore wind, oil & gas pipelines, architecture and bridge building.



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Benefits induction bending

  • No cross section deformation
  • Constant wall thickness
  • Optimal surface quality
  • Multiple radii in one length
  • Quality, flexibility and precision

Kersten offers a total solution!

From tailor-made advice to the production of ready-to-build-in curved constructions.

  • Bending
  • Cutting to size (3D)
  • Welding preparation
  • Qualified welding work
  • Destructive (mechanics) and non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Heat treatment (stress relieve, normalizing, quenching tempered)
  • Hydro pressure testing up to 700 bars
  • Acc. to EN1090-2 / EN 14870 / EN13480 / EN12952 (other standards on request)
  • PED/2014/68/EU
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