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In industrial equipment building, high demands are set for every part. At Kersten we manufacture high quality curved components for applications such as:

  • Pressure barrels
  • Pedestals
  • Industrial mixers
  • Industrial burners
  • Heat exchangers

If you are looking for curved parts of special materials such as S690QL, then Kersten offers the solution. If you have specific requirements for the wear, corrosion and heat resistance of the material, in many cases special alloys such as Creusabro, Hardox, Duplex, Inconel and Clad materials are chosen.


Additional processing

Kersten  produces complete semi-fabricated products by, not just bending, but by offering various additional processes. Meaning that we cut the sheet cut-outs from the gross sheet whereby (complex) bevels are applied directly.

After curving, the longitudinal and circumferential seams are tack-welded and welded. Welding is done according to quality standards, including EN15614-1, EN3834-2, AWS, EEMUA, DIN 18.800-7 cl. E, EN1090 exc 4. We perform TIG, MIG-MAG and submerged arc (single and twin) welding.

If desired, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) can be provided, such as visual testing (VT), magnetic testing (MT), ultrasonic testing (UT) and X-ray (XT).

Advanced CNC robot technology is used to cut the curved product (3D) to size and/or holes and slots.


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