(3D) Cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Besides engineering and bending Kersten offers various additional value adding services like oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. With the aid of modern robot technology Kersten Europe can cut your plates and profiles to size.


3D Profile cutting

Cutting profiles and pipes to size and provide the profiles with a 3D contour, including weld edge preparation in a single machining operation.

This extremely accurate process guarantees a significant cost saving and excellent reproducibility in relation to conventional techniques. The use of flexible machining options and modern software make that robotised cutting is suitable for small and medium-sized series.

Besides cutting tubes and pipes, the robots make complex cuts from profiles like IPE’s, HEA’s and UNP’s. For cutting stainless steel Kersten Europe makes use of an advanced plasma cutting robot.

By using offline programming (by using simulation packages) the engineering time and costs are reduced. This complex cut is realised by just one single cut. This makes the advanced 3D-robot cutting suitable and affordable for small quantities as well.


Plate cutting

Kersten has two cutting portals with a plasma burner and an oxy fuel burner.

The latest generation of cutting machines allows Kersten Europe to cut plates up to 16m x 4.5m with a thickness of max. 250mm.

The advanced rotating three burner unit with 3D bevel head is able to provide plates with welding edges and holes with welding edges.


  • 3d cut bent tube
  • 3d cut section
  • plate cutting
  • steel plate cutting


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