Designer Outlet Wolfsburg

Designer Outlets Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg is a German city in the state of Lower Saxony. It is located on the River Aller.

In December 2007 the first phase of Designer Outlet Wolfsburg has been finished. It is known for the two ellipse shaped buildings which symbolize two ships coming from the river. The design is from Gerd Graf Architects.

Thanks to the success of the Outlet Center, a third ellipse shaped building has been added in December 2013. This increased the shopping area with 6.000m3  to a total of 16.000m3.

More information:

Kersten Europe

Kersten has been actively involved with both the first and the second phase of the outlet center. 
In 2007 Kersten Europe bent approximately 1,200 square hollow sections 160x160x4mm. In 2013 another 500 sections 160x160x4mm.


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