Aluminium bending

Kersten Europe aluminium buigen

Kersten Europe bends client-specific extrusion profiles with the most modern CNC-controlled machines. Bending profiles with several radii or 3-dimensonal bent profiles is not exceptional.
Series sizes vary from 1 to 10,000 pieces. Kersten Europe also supplies complete system components.

Thermal treatments such as soft annealing and ageing of your bent segments are carried out in our own oven. We have mastered several welding processes geared to aluminium in accordance with various standards. The surface treatment of bent sections completes our package of services.

We advise you to contact our specialists during the design stage of the extrusion profile in order to discuss the bending technology options and restrictions of the profile shape. This creates a profile cross section that is geared optimally to the bending process and reduces distortion and deviation to a minimum.


In short:

The cold bending of standard and client-specific aluminium profiles.

  • CNC bending of aluminium extrusion profiles and aluminium section bending in standard alloys (ENAW6063) and special alloys (including EN-AW7020).

  • Bending large extrusion profiles with a diameter of 800 mm maximum.

  • Bending aluminium aerofoil profiles

  • Stretch bending

  • Experience in bending standard system profiles from suppliers such as Schuco, Hueck and Item.

  • Specialist in bending profiles with several radii or 3D bent profiles.

  • bent extrusions
  • Alu rolling
  • alu tent profiles
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