Aerofoil bending

Aerofoil bending

Aerofoils are extruded, aluminium profiles -lightweight and durable- and often used for architectural purposes. For example for contemporary sun louvers -also called airfoil louvres-, blinds and facades.

They are used for multiple reasons:

  • to protect from direct sun light without reducing the flow of air
  • to provide privacy
  • as an aesthetic feature  
  • etc.


Bending aerofoil profiles

Modern architecture often comes with round shapes and curves. However, until recently, it was not possible to bend the aerofoil profiles without damaging or wrinkling the surface. We found a solution by using an advanced bending process called stretch forming or stretch bending technology. The technology is born in the aerospace industry where it is intensively used because of its benefits in product and surface quality. Kersten has adopted this technology and made it available to the architectural industry.

Using the stretch bending technology, the profile is kept under constant tension while it is wrapped around a form until it reaches the exact desired radius. It allows us to perfectly bend aerofoil profiles without damaging the materials’ surface and with minimal deformation of the cross section. Bending aerofoil profiles is complex and requires real craftsmanship.

Even 3D bending is possible with this technique.    

Besides the bending of aerofoil profiles we offer additional services like 3D contour cutting, sawing, welding and surface treatments. Even a woodlook finish is possible.


Animated video Stretch bending

The extruded aluminium profiles are available in various dimensions. Contact us for more information about the bending of aerofoils.


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