Additional services

Would you like to save time and costs? By contracting the bending plus the additional (mechanical) processes to the same company you save valuable time and transportation costs.

Bending technology is our core business, but besides that we offer additional services to deliver ready-to-buid-in bent constructions and semi-finished products. In this, bending is often just a part of the total concept. Our engineers collaborate with you to develop innovative solutions, from comprehensive consulting on development and production to final assembly.



Kersten Europe Engineering

Our engineers will be happy to advise you about the possibilities of bending technology early in the design phase of your project.  

We can transform your requirements into a workshop drawing.

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(3D contour) cutting

Kersten Europe 3D contour snijden

Besides engineering and bending Kersten Europe offers various additional value adding services like oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. By using modern robot technology we cut your plates and profiles to size. 

Cutting cylinder and cone patterns

Before bending a plate is cut to size. Kersten Europe has two cutting portals with a plasma burner and an oxy fuel burner. If required, a rotating 3D-burner head cuts the plate to size adds complex welding edges in one single operation.

We cut plates up to 16m x 4.5m and a plate thickness of 250mm. Also plates in various alloys can be cut. 

Material costs can be reduced by limiting the amount of rest material. Our engineers calculate exactly how much material is required while taking into account the overlength . 

(3D contour) cutting

After the bending process we remove the overlength by using advanced CNC-controlled cutting robots. These robots apply (complex) 3D contours and/or welding edges int he same operation. The robot also cuts holes. 

his extremely accurate process guarantees a significant cost saving and excellent reproducibility in relation to conventional techniques. The use of flexible machining options and modern software make that robotised cutting is suitable for small and medium-sized series.

Besides cutting tubes and pipes, the robots make complex cuts from profiles like IPE’s, HEA’s and UNP’s. For cutting stainless steel Kersten Europe makes use of an advanced plasma cutting robot.

By using offline programming (by using simulation packages) the engineering time and costs are reduced. This complex cut is realised by just one single cut. This makes the advanced 3D-robot cutting suitable and affordable for small quantities as well.

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Drilling and milling

Kersten Europe boren en frezen

For mechanical processes like drilling and milling we use advanced CNC technology. 

By contracting the bending process and the mechanical processes by the same company under-one-roof, you save time and costs of handling and tranportation. 

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Surface and heat treatments

Powder coating bent tube

Surface treatments

After bending Kersten Europe offers surface treatments to your bent products. Surface treatments like anodizing, galvanization, powder coating and painting.


Heat treatments

Heat treatments like soft annealing and aging are offered by Kersten Europe as well.

The qualified staff is using the latest technology. If desired, the treatments can be inspected by a certified organisation. Treating large and heavy parts are no problem for Kersten Europe.

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Welding processes

Kersten Europe lassen

Kersten Europe employs a team of qualified welders who work with modern welding equipment. 

Kersten Europe performs various welding operations to an exacting standard on ferrous and non ferrous alloys, varying from a simple longitudinal seam to a complete welded construction, including bases and appendages. If desired, the welded work can be DT or NDT inspected by a certified organization.


Certified welding processes:

Kersten Europe Netherlands:

  • SAW (121-125) dikte ranges 3mm - 200mm (incl. PWHT)
  • GMAW-FCAW (131-135-136-138) thickness 3mm - 200mm (incl. PWHT)
  • GTAW (141)
  • SAW TWIN (was process 123)


Kersten Europe Germany:

  • GMAW-FCAW (135-136)
  • GTAW (141)


Welding method qualifications:

Kersten Europe Netherlands:

  • ISO 15614-1
  • AD Merkblatter
  • DNV Offshore standard OS-C401
  • EEMUA 158
  • Norsok M-101
  • AWS D.1.1D
  • IN 18.800-7 klasse E (Grosser Eignungsnachweis)
  • Welding method qualifications according to ASME and EN 15614-1
  • EN-ISO 3834-2
  • EN 1090 EXC 4
  • Remarking competence certificate according to 3.1 and 3.2 EN10204:2004


Kersten Europe Germany:

  • CL1 Zertifikat nach DIN EN 15085-2
  • CL2 Zertifikat nach DIN EN 15085-2
  • DIN EN 1090 EXC 2 EG Zertifikat
  • EN-ISO 3834-2


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