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Kersten Europe

Kersten Europe has been European market leader inbending technology for decades. At production sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the United Arab Emirates, Kersten sets the standard in bending technology. We bend plates, tubes and sections in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Our team of professional staff works with the latest generation of bending machines, robots and advanced mechanical processing machines. Kersten Europe translates creativity into reality. Our engineers collaborate with you to develop innovative solutions. 

Achieving more

Bending technology is often just a part of the total concept. We offer additional services, such as:

• engineering • prototyping • qualified welding • drilling • milling • 3D contour cutting • surface treatments • Etc.

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With our expertise in bending technology and the additional services offered, Kersten Europe creates customized, curved components and constructions of impressive projects around the world.

Kersten Europe serves various industries like:

Kersten Europe Architecture


Kersten Europe Transport


Kersten Europe Tank constructions

Tank constructions

Kersten Europe Machinery

Machinery constructions

Kersten Europe Industrial equipment

Industrial equipment

Kersten Europe Renewable energy

Renewable energy

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